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I have always loved candles and varieties of scents, but I was never satisfied with the candles I was buying. The fragrance never lasted long or was not strong enough. I was spending roughly $60 a month in candles and ended up regretting the purchases. So in Nov. 2000 my long-time boyfriend (now my husband) suggested that I learn to make my own candles. So... I picked up a kit at a local craft store and taught myself. Within a couple of months I was being invited to craft shows and my co-workers were placing orders for my candles. Then I was told by one of my co-workers, I'd better come up with a business name. She said "You have found your niche, you'll be doing this for a long time!" After painfully thinking of any name I could, I awoke in the middle of the night with my new business name "Love In Light Candles". This was inspired by my Grandma Binford, she always writes in our cards "Love In Light." At this time I had only about 10 fragrances.


I went to my first candle convention in 2002. Learning more and more about the different waxes, wicks and how to test and so forth. The actual manufactures were on hand to ask questions with and teach classes! The convention in 2003 I met some of the people who pioneered Soy Wax! I was intrigued and so glad to find a clean burning wax. After testing a variety of Soy Waxes.... I did not like the Soy blends (some blended with "plant botanicals", oils or paraffin) I found one that burnt with NO SOOT and it was 100% Soy Wax! No additives or anything in the wax, this one was a hit!


By the end of 2003 I was making and selling Soy Candles along with the others I had been making. I also got my first wholesale account! I found out by 7 of the suppliers of waxes and fragrances (that I was buying from) that I was their only customer in AZ buying Soy Wax..... talk about exciting!


In Nov. 2003 I started a new line of gel candles called Forever Candles. The candles that I was making had a wick through the sceneries, but none of my customers wanted to burn them "They were too pretty to burn". I met another chandler (candle maker) at the 2003 conference and she showed me a process on how to embed a tealight. So I went home and worked on a few. The Forever Candle was born.


Since 2005 I have been solely making candles. I do not have time for a fulltime job. My wholesale accounts and numerous fairs/festivals keep me busy. It's actually funny, people always ask if I'm getting rich. The simple answer is No. I do it because I love it, and I wouldn't be in business this long if I was overcharging.


Now it's 2010, I'm still loving it! To me the hard work and sweat is worth seeing someone enjoy what I love to make. I now have well over 150 scents in stock and I'm always adding more. If a customer loves a scent and I do not have it in stock, I'll get it!


My goal has always been a simple one. To make candles for Your Style & Occasion. It all started because I wanted a high quality candle that was affordable. My customers have found that Love In Light Candles are made with the highest quality ingredients and are pleasing to their senses! The integrity of my company means the world to me, I will not lie just to have your business. Safety and quality will always come first!



Love In Light Candles Mission


To provide high quality candles that are affordable for anyone.

Using only the highest quality ingredients.

Soy candles made with ONLY 100% Soy Wax grown by American Soy Farmers.

Testing to ensure correct wick size for each jar used and testing each jar for heat integrity.

Gel candle fragrances are always tested.

Always adding the maximum amount of fragrance per wax type and always using all natural wicks.


Happiness is not in the mere possession of money;

it lies in the joy of achievement,

in the thrill of creative effort. ~~ F.D.R.

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