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Why Soy Wax?
Soy wax is a natural burning wax, I only use American grown soy. I DO NOT use wax with added botanicals, palm oils, cottonseed oils, donut oils or hardeners. 100% Soy Wax is the cleanest burning wax there is and burns longer and cooler than traditional paraffin wax. It also has a stronger scent throw.  You can also use the melted wax as a hand or body moisturizer, but make sure the scent is body safe. Compared to gel wax, Soy Wax burns at about the same slow rate but has a lower melt point.
I have been making Soy Candles since the beginning of 2003 and have tried a variety of Soy Waxes. This one is the purest I have found.  After you are done burning your candle, wash the jar with regular dish soap and hot water. Due to it's food base it cleans up easily and is bio-degradable, and I will refill jars (contact me for details).
As with all my candles I add the MAXIMUM amount of fragrance. There is no such thing as triple scented.... that is a marketing tool. The only way a candle is triple scented, is if 3 different fragrances are layered in a candle.
Benefits of Love In Light Soy Candles,  Aside from being good for the environment!
**Cleanest burning candles, no soot in the jar or the air **
** 50% Longer lasting than paraffin **
** Paraffin is a Petroleum By-Product **
** We use a Natural wick that is self-trimming **
** Cleans up with hot water and soap **
** Renewable Natural Resource **
** Supports American Soy Farmers **
** Stronger scent throw **
** Cooler burning wax **
100% Soy Wax = GO GREEN be environmentally aware!

8oz Soy Candle your choice of scent and color.

Approx. 100 hours of burning time! If you saw a scent on the fragrance page that you would rather have and it's not listed here let me know.

 (Only $9.50 plus s/h) Click on picture for larger view.

8oz Soy Candle

Fragrance Choice

Color Choice

12oz and 22oz Elegant Soy Candles are made with same 100% Soy Wax, but no color is added. These candles were designed to burn in the diameter of the top. This leaves some residue along the sides (keeps the glass from becoming to hot) and glows beautifully. 12oz candle burns for approx. 150 hours and the 22oz candle burns for approx. 300 hours. If you prefer your candle with color please specify when ordering (no extra charge for color).


Click on pictures for larger view.











12oz candle only $11.00 and 22oz candle only $21 (plus s/h)


12oz Elegant Soy $11

Fragrance Choice




22oz Elegant Soy $21

Fragrance Choice


100% Soy Mini Melts. There is more than 3.5oz of wax in each! Just break away what you want to use and save the rest for later. Great for people who enjoy using tart / oil warmers.   I add extra fragrance (more than the candles) due to these are just made for melting not burning with a wick like candles! Love In Light Soy Mini Melts last a very long time!





Fragrance Choice










Only $4.50ea (plus s/h)



Vote For Love In Light Mini Melts here



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